I got it! And I knew it! And I got it.

Explaining: In a fit of sudden fanship, I bought two more Best Coast albums. And in doing so, I’ve finally realized just what Best Coast is.

Best Coast = Sheryl Crow  + 1/2 The Go-Go’s (Nirvana influences – Anger + Fleetwood Mac). The Fleetwood Mac part was figured out by reading the liner notes, but still! Continue reading ‘Best Coast Figured Out’

I cannot explain it. I am in love with “Crazy For You” by Best Coast, and it’s completely anti-intellectual.

I have almost nothing in common with this band. By some comparison, I should actually dislike the band. It’s a duo with a lead singer, born and raised in California. They (by which I mean exclusively her) sing about lost love and half-hearted apologies, California, living in California, smoking pot (that’s the part that should annoy me most; I’m not a total prude, but I don’t smoke and above all I get annoyed at people who not only smoke, but go on and on about how great smoking is). Since there’s almost no variation between the songs, they all blend together. I go from singing “Something about the summer” to the chorus of “The End,” to the chorus of “Your Deal,” and it feels like it’s all one song. It feels like they wrote this 30-minute album about 30 minutes prior.

And yet, here I am. I’m listening to it at work with headphones, and I have the CD in my car for my drive home. It’s a half hour of absolute bliss, and that feeling comes solely from the music. These sounds work for me, at this moment. Continue reading ‘Best Coast Beloved’

We saw them on February 19, 2015 at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. It was fun and one of the most ramshackle shows I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve never seen the show before, it’s a Canadian mockumentary-style comedy about a bunch of idiots who (often) have criminal schemes which (always) lead to their incarceration.

We’ve enjoyed the show for a number of years, so when I saw they were coming to Los Angeles, I bought tickets. Continue reading ‘Trailer Park Boys Live’

It’s been a recent fantasy of mine to perform guitar on the street. Not really concentrating on making money, but more to just do it. I’ve kind of fantasized that I would be playing some Bikini Kill song on the off-chance that another fan might recognize it and want to join in. This is the weird dream.

In any case, I’ve been compiling a list over the last week. These are songs that I think I could play with reasonable skill. All would be played on acoustic guitar. Continue reading ‘Public Guitar Playing’

Certainly not all of them. This is just something I wrote up on a break. But I stand by all of them for the moments they provide, for what they teach me about writing, and for just being plain great.

And most of these are SCENES, with a beginning, middle and end. Anyway…

PULP FICTION, Jack-Rabbit Slims Conversation. The twist contest got a lot of notoriety, but the conversation leading up to the dance has the juice. It’s got playful interplay, sexual tension, lots of guarded responses. There’s serious subtext being conveyed, along with one of my favorite revelations in the movie, where Vincent tells Mia the rumor about Tony getting hurt by Marsallus because he gave her a foot massage. “You think my husband tossed a man out of a building because he touched me feet?!” Continue reading ‘Some of My All-Time Favorite Movie Scenes’

For whatever reason — morbid curiosity, reading the list of albums covered in the 33 1/3 series, an accident — I’ve been listening to Guns N’ Roses’ “Use Your Illusion I” for the first time in years. I think I’d heard bits of it over the years, but only bought it on CD for the first time two years ago (used, of course). My thoughts are as organized as the album:

1.) How To Enjoy It: don’t pay attention to it. If you’re putting it on for a dedicated listen (which still happens, I bet), then you’re going to be disappointed. You’re going to hear every over-thought, over-produced moment, every “sinister” backing vocal track, every calculation that makes the record feel largely unnatural and mostly dead. However, if you put in one ear bud, do other things (house work, homework, work work), then it sounds like fun. Continue reading ‘Random Thoughts on USE YOUR ILLUSION I’

Believe it or not, I watched the pilot for “Gotham.” Here are some feelings and thoughts that I came up with and then typed:

1.) Good start, then less good, and then both bad and good. But not “so bad it’s good.” Just flip flopping. I thought they handled the Wayne m-rder really well, and that kid’s scream alone in the alley was awesome. I liked the introduction of Bullock and I liked the early bits of showing Jim Gordon as both composed and badass. All of this happened in the first 10 minutes. From there, then we get the “story” which isn’t much of a story. I am willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt and assume that the pilot has a TON of heavy lifting to do early on, so there’s lots of set-up to handle. They did it in a largely entertaining way, it’s just they were doing it better at the beginning before they started in with the whole “Remember these past events” type scenes. Continue reading ‘Random Thoughts: “Gotham”’


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