“The Murderous Haircut of the Mayor of Bel Air” is OUT NOW!!

The first installment in the Psychic Barber Mystery series is available to buy, read and enjoy.

The Reviews Are Coming… and THEY’RE GOOD!

“The author has brought in modern-day ways of thinking and lifestyles and what the issues are in the world today kind of thing in our communities and he’s tied it in with old-school mystery writing, which I don’t know if you can beat that if you love mystery.”

Michele, “Books Cause Insomnia”

And this one from an ARC at Barnes&Noble.com:

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Small BV1 Cover
Available Now!

Living in the San Fernando Valley, Danica Luman uses her secret psychic powers to give great haircuts – she sees into customers’ minds and knows exactly what styles they want. Until one day, while giving a strange man a high-and-tight, the image she sees is of a dead body.

Compelled by a sense of duty and a need for cash, Danica gets tangled up trying to solve the murder and figure out how it connects to the USC student newspaper, the Los Angeles Police Department, and an old man who calls himself “the Mayor of Bel Air.”

A cozy mystery with dashes of “Chinatown,” “Rear Window,” “Blanche on the Lam,” “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” and perhaps the X-Men, “The Murderous Haircut of the Mayor of Bel Air” will be sure to delight mystery lovers.

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