The Homicidal Hairstyle of the Viral Video Vixen

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DANICA LUMAN — the professional hairstylist/amateur detective/secret psychic from The Murderous Haircut of the Mayor of Bel Air — is back in Los Angeles and back in danger in The Homicidal Hairstyle of the Viral Video Vixen.

After surviving her first case by the skin of her teeth, Danica has sworn off adventure to focus on simply earning a living. Her new source of income? Doing hair and makeup for an internet video crew. But just when Danica sees a distressing vision about viral sensation Sofi Starr, the web celeb goes missing. Danica’s only chance to join the search party (and secure a substantial reward) is to collaborate with her worst enemy: the tarot-card-reading, crystal-ball-gazing ‘psychic’ Madame Lorena.

With just three days to forage for clues in Sofi Starr’s strange house, Danica must navigate bitter in-fighting, fake friendships, over-protective super fans and first-time sleuths with more enthusiasm than brains.

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Read some great reviews from the first Psychic Barber Mystery:

Small BV1 Cover

“The author has brought in modern-day ways of thinking and lifestyles and what the issues are in the world today… and he’s tied it in with old-school mystery writing, which I don’t know if you can beat that if you love mystery.”

Michele, “Books Cause Insomnia”

“I. Am. Here for it!”

Anchal, “Libro Book Review”

“Phillip Mottaz has just become my new favorite author and I am already anxiously awaiting his next release”

Reader Review, Barnes & Noble

“A classic mystery with a modern twist. Just weird enough to make it even more interesting. “

Reader Review, Apple Books

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