Writing Samples

Here’s just a few things I’ve written lately.


“The Murderous Haircut of the Mayor of Bel Air.” The opening chapter – FREE SAMPLE!

Buy it today as eBook (APPLE, BARNES & NOBLE, GOOGLE PLAY, KOBO), or paperback ( IndieBound.org or Bookstore.org).

Short Stories

VILLAINY” (full short story). An up-and-coming supervillain agrees to meet her older rival, and kill him in the process. (email if you prefer an ePub doc)


“ACTING COACH” (comedy feature, first 10 pages) To save the high school drama program he loves so much, egocentric teacher Arthur Curtains becomes coach of the varsity basketball team, forcing his theater philosophies on the jocks to turn them into winners.

FIGHT Car (TV pilot, sample 5 pages). A parody of “KNIGHT Rider,” a talking car from the 1980’s gets reactivated in the 2010’s, bringing all it’s amazing crime-fighting technology such as car phones, computer maps and power windows.

WE’RE A BAND NOW (family feature, sample 5 pages). While driving their son back to sophomore year of college, a husband and wife form a rock band.

DO NOT STEP HERE” (comedy short). A puzzling sign near the break area torments an office lackey.

Comedy Sketches

Dogs For Hands(animated sketch) Trippy. A surgeon finally has his dream fulfilled when he has his hands replaced with living dogs.

Horse Soap Dispenser” (animated sketch) Maybe the grossest thing I’ve ever written, we finally find out what it takes to get the last bit of soap out of the dispenser (NSFW)

The Blog

Some thoughts on writing, but mostly about Batman, “Star Wars” and the Rolling Stones.

You Don’t Actually Love Television

For years, I tried to write for television. I took meetings, wrote spec scripts, pitched original series, did tours, applied for entry-level positions, all trying to get my foot inside that proverbial door. And as I reflect on those actions, I realize that a part […]

Gripes About Film Intros (yes again)

While I might be getting dangerously close to hyperbole AND snobbery, I think film intros is a dying art. Or maybe just an underserved, under-considered art. To be fair, I’m pointing mostly to things like MCU movies. In the MCU, we get a lot of […]

Controversial X-Men Opinions

I’m back in it. Again and again. After completing a casual semi-circuit through the films and doing some reading of actual comic books (!!), and then to have my own son start the Younger Series (aka “The Fassbender-McAvoy Series”) all on his own (which is […]


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