Books and Writers To Enjoy: Walter Mosley

I’m late to this, but that’s nothing new. Walter Mosley is grrrreat. Really great. I’m in that period between draft where I re-fill my tank by reading a bunch, so I consequently find a ton of people who do things WAY better than I’ve ever done it or would ever be capable or doing it,Continue reading “Books and Writers To Enjoy: Walter Mosley”

Making Pancakes In the Pancake Factory

As I semi-completed another screenplay, and I’ve been musing on my next career step, I’ve been contemplating the bigger picture of the World of Entertainment, and how a person can possibly survive in that world. I’ve been listening to podcasts again, been having lively critical(-ish) discussions with friends, and the ensuing stew has been brewingContinue reading “Making Pancakes In the Pancake Factory”

“Man of Steel”

I have inside information which I believe perfectly illustrates just how clueless of a director (and possibly a writer… and maybe a human being) Zach Snyder is. It involves a minor spoiler, only in that it concerns one of the very last scenes in the movie, but that’s the whole point. I think we, asContinue reading ““Man of Steel””

Rules for Staged Readings

These are very official. In my years as a writer, I’ve been part of a number of writing groups, classes and productions where staged readings are a normal, productive part of the process. Most recently I’ve been part of Deadline Junkies, and one of the benefits of that group is the stable of talented, workingContinue reading “Rules for Staged Readings”

That Feels Like a Story

I’ve recently broken a story. I think. I can never quite tell. I’ve been hammering around a general idea for a couple months involving Spaghetti Westerns, Hurricane Katrina, female outlaws and the music of AC/DC.* It started much closer to a rip-off of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and has effectively meandered aroundContinue reading “That Feels Like a Story”

Resolutions For Writers: Stop Using “Bitch” as a Punchline

It’s New Years Eve and I have a resolution. Well, its more of a plea. I have a lot of writer friends out there, most of them working in comedy, and I’m asking them: please eliminate using the word “bitch” as a punchline. I’m not really asking out of political motivation, though there’s certainly goodContinue reading “Resolutions For Writers: Stop Using “Bitch” as a Punchline”

7 Random Thoughts about “Kill Bill, Vol. 2”

In anticipation of “Django Unchained,” I randomly re-watched “Kill Bill, Vol. 2.” And I don’t have anything to say about it. Well, I do, actually. Here they are 1.) My Trailer Theory. I was set on watching “Vol 2” at the 10 minute mark of watching “Vol 1.” I realize in a completist, event-loving cultureContinue reading “7 Random Thoughts about “Kill Bill, Vol. 2””


I just had a week full of notes, and while I suppose that should be great news, because it means people are reading your writing, I can’t help but feel a little exposed. Especially when very few of the notes were “This is super great and you can stop working on this script right now.”Continue reading “Notes”

Grant Morrison

I can’t tell if he’s the best bad writer or the worst good writer in comics. Probably both at once, and that’s why he’s interesting. In continuing my infatuation with the Damien character, I picked up a copy of “Batman and Son,” the 6-ish issue series written by Morrison that introduced the concept of BruceContinue reading “Grant Morrison”