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Alternative title: People Ranking “Solo” as the Worst Star Wars Movie Are Insane. The release of “Solo: a Star Wars Story” has been a weird one for “Star Wars” movies. It hasn’t set the world on fire, so many have been quick to blame everything and declare it the worst entry. I’ve heard some actual […]

My indoctrination process has begun. I’ve begun showing Henry the old Adam West “Batman” movie. I “accidentally” left the DVD in the player. Playing. As h came out of his nap. “Why, I don’t know how that got there… but it looks pretty good. Would you like to watch, Henry?” All it took was that […]

I’ve been in a Ramones mood lately. It comes on from time to time, as I listen to the same things over and over again but in new ways, different times, and so I find myself back in the good graces of these 4-plus idiot geniuses. Here are some random thoughts: 1.) The contribution of […]

For the uncelebrated 15th Anniversary of their 22nd (or 20th, depending on where you’re from) studio album, I have decided to re-examine “Voodoo Lounge,” the non-comeback comeback record that marked my first official Rolling Stones album purchase. True, I had previously bought “Hot Rocks,” but that’s a greatest hits AND it was on tape. This […]