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For some reason, I keep doing it to myself. I keep reading TheRinger. Maybe they have good art, or alluring titles (in fact, they do). But time and again, their content is a let down. Case in point: the recent “Weezer Must Be Stopped” article. I considered doing a point-by-point take down of this thing, […]

This one’s a mess. I’ve been listening to Nirvana. Again. As I’ve written before, I seem to fall into a rut with this band around this time of year, every year, for the last couple years. Near the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. It’s a contemplative time that ultimately succeeds in ruining me for my mother’s […]

A story about myself: I often think about how celebrity deaths are handled by the media. It’s become such a standard thing that I assume there has to be a template available to suit whatever dignitary, celebrity or famous pet passes away, and I believe I at the very least have a good handle on […]

Me Dream


I watched clips of Mick Jagger hosting SNL last night, and had the following incredible dream as a result: I was at the taping of the show, so naturally I was given full back stage access and the ability to hang around the right places at the right times. I kept bumping into Jagger and […]

As a person who spends an inordinate amount of time meditating on minutae, one topic I often wonder is a bit gruesome. I wonder what song or songs will play at a musician’s funeral.

I didn’t mean for this to coincide with the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. I’ve just been listening and re-listening to the albums for the first time in a while. Nevertheless, here it goes: 1.) “Nevermind” is better than “In Utero,”and the reason for that is simple numbers. I’m one of those people who actually rate […]

I saw this. . . album?. . . advertised on the Stones’ Facebook page, so I checked it out on their newly-formed archive site. Supposedly the site will house a number of “newly available” vault tracks, such as this failed concert album from a 1973 European tour performance. The obvious reason for the band to […]