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Spurred by my previous post, I’m currently listening to Oasis’ live album “Familiar To Millions.” It’s my fourth or fifth time trying to complete this listen as A) it’s pretty long, a double album, and B) the swearing limits my playing around my kid. I was encouraged to dive deeper into their catalog, as well […]

For some reason, I keep doing it to myself. I keep reading TheRinger. Maybe they have good art, or alluring titles (in fact, they do). But time and again, their content is a let down. Case in point: the recent “Weezer Must Be Stopped” article. I considered doing a point-by-point take down of this thing, […]

This one’s a mess. I’ve been listening to Nirvana. Again. As I’ve written before, I seem to fall into a rut with this band around this time of year, every year, for the last couple years. Near the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. It’s a contemplative time that ultimately succeeds in ruining me for my mother’s […]

A story about myself: I often think about how celebrity deaths are handled by the media. It’s become such a standard thing that I assume there has to be a template available to suit whatever dignitary, celebrity or famous pet passes away, and I believe I at the very least have a good handle on […]

Me Dream


I watched clips of Mick Jagger hosting SNL last night, and had the following incredible dream as a result: I was at the taping of the show, so naturally I was given full back stage access and the ability to hang around the right places at the right times. I kept bumping into Jagger and […]

As a person who spends an inordinate amount of time meditating on minutae, one topic I often wonder is a bit gruesome. I wonder what song or songs will play at a musician’s funeral.

I didn’t mean for this to coincide with the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. I’ve just been listening and re-listening to the albums for the first time in a while. Nevertheless, here it goes: 1.) “Nevermind” is better than “In Utero,”and the reason for that is simple numbers. I’m one of those people who actually rate […]