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I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE HIVES at least three times in my life. That’s three separate creative endeavors where I drew direct inspiration from this band. “Three times” may not sound like a lot, but compare it to the number of times you have been inspired by a band, movie or artist. I think […]

I cannot explain it. I am in love with “Crazy For You” by Best Coast, and it’s completely anti-intellectual. I have almost nothing in common with this band. By some comparison, I should actually dislike the band. It’s a duo with a lead singer, born and raised in California. They (by which I mean exclusively […]

I didn’t mean for this to coincide with the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. I’ve just been listening and re-listening to the albums for the first time in a while. Nevertheless, here it goes: 1.) “Nevermind” is better than “In Utero,”and the reason for that is simple numbers. I’m one of those people who actually rate […]

I kept having them, even after purging a bunch.  And here they are… 1.) Tolerable Conservatism. A friend of mine recently discovered that Johnny Ramone was a card-carrying, big time Republican, and she was not only surprised by dismayed. And I guess when I found out, I was surprised, but I can let it go. […]

I’ve been in a Ramones mood lately. It comes on from time to time, as I listen to the same things over and over again but in new ways, different times, and so I find myself back in the good graces of these 4-plus idiot geniuses. Here are some random thoughts: 1.) The contribution of […]