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Alternative title: People Ranking “Solo” as the Worst Star Wars Movie Are Insane. The release of “Solo: a Star Wars Story” has been a weird one for “Star Wars” movies. It hasn’t set the world on fire, so many have been quick to blame everything and declare it the worst entry. I’ve heard some actual […]

I’ve been re-watching “Vertigo.” And re-rewatching, and re-re-rewatching. I’ve actually been listening to the audio, without images. With all this study, I’m not 100% certain of my opinion about it. I’m not sure I love it, or if I do, if I love it because it gives me something to think about as a film […]

For any number of reasons — wanting to re-live the movie, needing different things to listen to, wanting to stimulate my son’s brain with “classical” style music — I finally uploaded the complete soundtrack to “The Empire Strikes Back” onto my iPod this week.  It’s been interesting, especially since I know ever stitch of music […]