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Alternative title: People Ranking “Solo” as the Worst Star Wars Movie Are Insane. The release of “Solo: a Star Wars Story” has been a weird one for “Star Wars” movies. It hasn’t set the world on fire, so many have been quick to blame everything and declare it the worst entry. I’ve heard some actual […]

These are very official. In my years as a writer, I’ve been part of a number of writing groups, classes and productions where staged readings are a normal, productive part of the process. Most recently I’ve been part of Deadline Junkies, and one of the benefits of that group is the stable of talented, working […]

Leone Movies


In my weird re-watching phase — and in a search for a next story to write — I re-examined “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” I’m almost idiotic enough to write that it’s a masterpiece. I don’t believe I know anything about the history of film, but in terms of the truly great movies, […]

Let’s say you’re a creative person, but you’re on the outside of Hollywood. You have an idea for a sketch/short/sit-com/movie/parody and you see hundreds of videos a day racking up millions of hit per video and you think, “I can do that. I WILL do that.” And then it only gets 65 hits. “What did […]

I liked it, but I have a few gripes. It’s not a great movie by any means, but it was fun and funny enough to get me through, and nostalgic enough to get me to feel good while watching it. It’s a solid “B,” and that’s really fine. Really. But I wouldn’t be me if […]

Grant Morrison


I can’t tell if he’s the best bad writer or the worst good writer in comics. Probably both at once, and that’s why he’s interesting. In continuing my infatuation with the Damien character, I picked up a copy of “Batman and Son,” the 6-ish issue series written by Morrison that introduced the concept of Bruce […]