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I bought into the hype, the news coverage, the coverage of the spoiler in the other coverage and all that stuff. I went to a comic shop and bought the special, first-print, non-alternate cover of “Batman #50,” aka the “Batman and Catwoman’s Wedding Issue.” And I bought the one before it, #49. So first thing, […]

In the recent Scriptnotes podcast on superheroes (and the screenwriters who write their movies), it was stated that Batman’s “crazy.” And this was agreed to by the panelists, either by saying something or silently agreeing. The evidence given was “The Dark Knight Returns.” And that made me realize that this is a bad example of […]

Please verify my non-craziness with Misty Lee. I once got her and her husband to be part of a Christmas living nativity scene with me. No joke. Anyway…  I’ve listened to “Fat Man On Batman” since inception because it’s right up my alley, which is probably the same alley* from which you conceived of the […]

This has been building for a while. I’ve been going to comic book stores for a long while, and I usually snoop out a couple titles to claim, some trusted names (ie Batman) and sometimes some risks (I jumped on “Kick-Ass” pretty early). With the whole DC New 52 push, I decided to stick with […]

I’ve been hearing questions as to the appeal of Batman from a few places recently (most notably on Scriptshadow and the “Fat Man on Batman” Podcast), so I’ve been wondering myself “Why IS Batman so appealing?” I think I have the answer: he’s easy to play.  

I saw it and assembled (thank you) some feelings. We all have feelings, right? 1.) I liked it. But…

I went to the comic book store on Comic Book Day (aka Cinco de Mayo), and grabbed a couple books, both for money and for non-money. As always, I did the stroll down the line, checking out what’s new and what might possibly catch my eye. I flipped through a couple books, but didn’t vary […]