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I bought into the hype, the news coverage, the coverage of the spoiler in the other coverage and all that stuff. I went to a comic shop and bought the special, first-print, non-alternate cover of “Batman #50,” aka the “Batman and Catwoman’s Wedding Issue.” And I bought the one before it, #49. So first thing, […]

It’s generally agreed that “Batman: The Animated Series” was a great TV show, and that the success of that show depended on many talented people being very talented together. But was there a standout? I’m watching the NBA Finals featuring season MVP Steph Curry, and I’m wondering “Who was the MVP for ‘B:TAS’” I’m also […]

In the recent Scriptnotes podcast on superheroes (and the screenwriters who write their movies), it was stated that Batman’s “crazy.” And this was agreed to by the panelists, either by saying something or silently agreeing. The evidence given was “The Dark Knight Returns.” And that made me realize that this is a bad example of […]

I went to the comic book store on Comic Book Day (aka Cinco de Mayo), and grabbed a couple books, both for money and for non-money. As always, I did the stroll down the line, checking out what’s new and what might possibly catch my eye. I flipped through a couple books, but didn’t vary […]

Grant Morrison


I can’t tell if he’s the best bad writer or the worst good writer in comics. Probably both at once, and that’s why he’s interesting. In continuing my infatuation with the Damien character, I picked up a copy of “Batman and Son,” the 6-ish issue series written by Morrison that introduced the concept of Bruce […]

DC Reboot


I’ve been casually following the DC Reboot news for a little while, hearing and reading interesting things to come (Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again!, etc.), and there’s lots of talk over this stuff, as the internet says there should be. But the more I’ve read, the more it seems like this isn’t exactly a “reboot.” […]

Yeah, I saw it. I guess I truly am a DC guy as opposed to a Marvel guy. Given the choice to see a so-so superhero movie from either line, I chose the DC version. Even though “Green Lantern” has received worse reviews and I was more interested to see “Thor”… there we go. There […]