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I bought into the hype, the news coverage, the coverage of the spoiler in the other coverage and all that stuff. I went to a comic shop and bought the special, first-print, non-alternate cover of “Batman #50,” aka the “Batman and Catwoman’s Wedding Issue.” And I bought the one before it, #49. So first thing, […]

The internet doesn’t need more arguments, yet that won’t stop me. I’m going to weigh in on some (young)age-old Batman debates: Issue 1.) Which is better: “Batman” (1989) vs. “Batman Returns?” A divisive issue since their release. Generally speaking, if you enjoyed the first one, you were disappointed in the second. If you were bored with the first one, […]

As a concerned, caring parent, I’ve spent the better part of my free time pushing my personal pop culture obsessions onto my son. This feels natural. I’ve had some hits and misses, and here they are: Hit: “Wall-E.” The initial viewing came when Henry had a fever and got a “full-movie treat.” Rachel picked this […]

Since having a child, my wife and I rarely get to see movies in the theaters, so when the opportunity arises, we’re very excited. However, things have to align just so to make our evenings stress free. Basically we like to leave AFTER Henry has gone down to sleep (around 8:00), which means the movie […]

All related to Batman, mostly to “The Dark Knight Rises.” NO, I’m not done yet. We’ll grade these on a scale of 1 to 10, how great would it have been: 1.) To have featured Batgirl instead of Robin? Grade: 7-ish. Batgirl has “historically” been the type of character who donned the cape and cowl […]

It came, I saw, I thought about it for a long time. Here now are a collection of thoughts that make it seem like I hated this movie. Which I didn’t. Mild spoilers ahead. 1.) This is not my Batman. We own a couple titles in the “That’s Not My ____” line of baby books. […]

Henry has had a couple days of Batman-fueled energy. He can’t stop talking about it, or like it, or quoting it. It’s like he’s reading my mind. It’s never easy understanding a toddler. Here now are his translations for Batman-related phrases. “Bat-nand” = Batman. “Wah-din” = Robin. “Bat Cabe” = Batmobile. It sounds like “Bat […]