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Just get it out of the way: I really like “Avengers: Endgame.” I think it’s a great finale to the whole series, I found some parts legitimately exciting and emotional and even though it’s enormous and there are probably things to complain about, I won’t. Except for this weird thing! Only because it involves the […]

I went down a weird Presidents of the United States trip, discovered their unique guitar set-up, and thought, “I can do that.” In a nutshell, their two guitars are hybrids. One is a three-string “guitbass,” and the other is a two-string “basitar.” And since I now own two electric guitars, with one relegated to the […]

Welcome to the five billionth web post on modern comic book movies. Enjoy my gripes! The Marvel Movies are boring because they never end, so things never really change, except when they do change due to real-life situations (casting decisions) in which case change is awful. When you get down to it, what are the […]

Every now and then, I’ll run through the entire catalog for an artist or band. And today, it’s Weezer, a band with which the world has (apparently) had a weird relationship. *PLEASE NOTE: This was written BEFORE hearing “The Black Album.” Which makes some of my statements questionable.  It’s always the same with Weezer — […]

I’m not sure what the universe/Big Brother algorithm had in store for me, but it put this band in front of me recently and it has arrested my brain. I watched the documentary “Supersonic,” which was executive produced by both Gallagher brothers*. This along with a recent video on Brit Pop and a discovery of […]

My son has been asking for a dog for years, and this year we finally pulled the trigger. We adopted Bodhi, a former rescue, who is a mix of Basenji and Mini-Pinscher. He’s pretty well trained and very nice. None of that matters. What matters is what music puns I can get out of this […]

For some reason, I keep doing it to myself. I keep reading TheRinger. Maybe they have good art, or alluring titles (in fact, they do). But time and again, their content is a let down. Case in point: the recent “Weezer Must Be Stopped” article. I considered doing a point-by-point take down of this thing, […]