Diversify Your Shelves, White People

I’m virtue signaling and I don’t care A couple weeks ago, I was rewatching “North by Northwest.” Then I rewatched “Strangers on a Train,” and a couple other such era movies. I should mention that I’m white, and a man. And I’m watching these things made in the 1950’s and 1960’s by, starring and (let’sContinue reading “Diversify Your Shelves, White People”

Books and Writers To Enjoy: Walter Mosley

I’m late to this, but that’s nothing new. Walter Mosley is grrrreat. Really great. I’m in that period between draft where I re-fill my tank by reading a bunch, so I consequently find a ton of people who do things WAY better than I’ve ever done it or would ever be capable or doing it,Continue reading “Books and Writers To Enjoy: Walter Mosley”

So… Catwoman is the Hero, Right? (Yes, More “Batman Returns”)

A recent listen to the “Bat-Minute” podcast hipped me to the scripted ending for this movie, which would have ended even more grim. Major spoilers for a 30-year-old movie nobody really talks about that much, or at least not as much as I do. The script played out similarly at first, with Bruce Wayne ridingContinue reading “So… Catwoman is the Hero, Right? (Yes, More “Batman Returns”)”

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About “Batman Returns?”

As evidenced by the previous three (at least) posts, along with other posts farther back in the past, I think about this movie a lot. Too much? Probably. Probably? Definitely. I’m playing my own psychologist, which, I would wager, is exactly the kind of therapeutic strategy popular in Gotham City, and is precisely the reasonContinue reading “Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About “Batman Returns?””

Fixing “Batman Returns” Returns – The Title

The title is not just the title of this post, but it’s actually a title about the TITLE of “Batman Returns.” Or, rather, and more accurately, and less confusing, I hope, what the title does and how it might have helped. One of the main complaints about 1992’s “Batman Returns” is that it simply doesn’tContinue reading “Fixing “Batman Returns” Returns – The Title”

Fixing “Batman Returns”

1992’s “Batman Returns” might be the movie that I have thought about the most. This is mostly thanks to its marketing, its timing in my life, my own fixation on Batman and a bunch of other factors. However I believe one of the reasons it has rooted in my mind with such tightness comes fromContinue reading “Fixing “Batman Returns””

Super Specific “Endgame” Thing

Just get it out of the way: I really like “Avengers: Endgame.” I think it’s a great finale to the whole series, I found some parts legitimately exciting and emotional and even though it’s enormous and there are probably things to complain about, I won’t. Except for this weird thing! Only because it involves theContinue reading “Super Specific “Endgame” Thing”