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Something I wrote got read and recorded and now you can hear the recording. I’ll explain: I’m in a writers group called Deadline Junkies. We meet once a week where we (usually) hear about 30 pages of a script from 3 different writers. I say “hear” because each writer prints his or her pages, then […]

As a concerned, caring parent, I’ve spent the better part of my free time pushing my personal pop culture obsessions onto my son. This feels natural. I’ve had some hits and misses, and here they are: Hit: “Wall-E.” The initial viewing came when Henry had a fever and got a “full-movie treat.” Rachel picked this […]

I’ve been part of many projects in my longish career as a writer, improviser and sketch performer. Many of which have turned out great. Many other have not. Many, many others. Here’s a sample of my less-than-amazing résumé. The anti-résumé. 1.) “CONSORTIUM” (Sketch Pilot). A great idea — get all the presently-unattached sketch people (mostly associated […]

These are very official. In my years as a writer, I’ve been part of a number of writing groups, classes and productions where staged readings are a normal, productive part of the process. Most recently I’ve been part of Deadline Junkies, and one of the benefits of that group is the stable of talented, working […]

It’s the show people (apparently) love to hate. Our house watches it. Here’s some things that pop into my head that I don’t say outlaid, which would anger my wife who enjoys the singing. When the stories go wonky and nobody’s singing, these are the things I think about: 1.) Weirdos. There are lots of […]

This will be super judgmental, but WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Let me start over. With lots of spelling errors and conjecture. Feel free to debate. Onward… Recently the producers of cult-TV show “Veronica Mars” launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a “Veronica Mars” movie. The movement was overwhelmingly supported as the production’s needs […]

Sitcoms… Blah


I mentioned recently how the crop of crap sitcoms on the air these days has me humming a version of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth.” And I’m not doing that because I yearn so desperately for the gritty realism of “All in the Family” or social commentary of any kind. I just want something to […]