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Just get it out of the way: I really like “Avengers: Endgame.” I think it’s a great finale to the whole series, I found some parts legitimately exciting and emotional and even though it’s enormous and there are probably things to complain about, I won’t. Except for this weird thing! Only because it involves the […]

The album, I mean. Or do I? We shall see. As I mentioned in a previous post, many of my all time favorite Stones songs appear on 1969’s “Let It Bleed” album, while not necessarily being cuts off of that album. So I got to thinking what the ultimate mega-mix of “Let It Bleed” would […]

I’ve recently been enamored with the Beastie Boys’ “Hello Nasty,” and I’m not sure what took me so long to realize the skills involved? Actually, I’m not a guy who puts a high value on skill, as my love of the Ramones would prove. However “Nasty” certainly possesses much skills that pay many bills. I think my thinking on […]

A few weeks back I had my day made when the Rollin’ Clones (the UK’s preeminent Rolling Stones cover band) started following me on Twitter. I was only upset to see that they weren’t playing in the States any time soon. I suppose I could travel… But that was just for starters. Long time people […]

I haven’t actually put a vinyl record on a platter and lined up the needle in probably 14 years, but I recently had the pleasure of visiting my friend Norman and his newly tricked out turntable. He’s a bit of an audiofile and a collector, which means he’s amassing (and in some cases re-amassing) a […]

That’s a mantra of mine. We all need mantras, which is to say “I need mantras.” To get through our day, little helpful phrases remind us of who we are and who we can be and keep us going when we want to bail out. Why Vader? Why not Batman? For the very specific reason in that […]

Often times, when I’m thinking a lot about something, I let my mind wander in search of patterns, rankings and categories of that thing. I’ll start creating lists like, “What was the best Batman utility belt?” and “Which Robin had the best hair?” Since I’ve been on a major Stones kick, my focus has been […]