Why the Star Wars Sequels Never Stood a Chance

I’m supposed to be writing a book. I finished one. All but finished. I’m working on another, going through the second or third draft, and I’m hitting a wall. What’s the point? Around my house, the hills are on fire due to local idiots. The Coronavirus is claiming lives all over the world (partially dueContinue reading “Why the Star Wars Sequels Never Stood a Chance”

Solo: a Star Wars Thoughts

Alternative title: People Ranking “Solo” as the Worst Star Wars Movie Are Insane. The release of “Solo: a Star Wars Story” has been a weird one for “Star Wars” movies. It hasn’t set the world on fire, so many have been quick to blame everything and declare it the worst entry. I’ve heard some actualContinue reading “Solo: a Star Wars Thoughts”

Weird Brushes With Internet Fame

A few weeks back I had my day made when the Rollin’ Clones (the UK’s preeminent Rolling Stones cover band) started following me on Twitter. I was only upset to see that they weren’t playing in the States any time soon. I suppose I could travel… But that was just for starters. Long time peopleContinue reading “Weird Brushes With Internet Fame”

Obi-Wan-ing My Son

Henry has shown the first true signs of interest toward “Star Wars,” so I had some parenting decisions to make. Backstory: for his birthday in August, he received a Lego Speeder Bike set (complete with Biker Scout, Stormtrooper and two anonymous Rebel soldiers) and a Jedi Starfighter as featured in the prequels. He took rightContinue reading “Obi-Wan-ing My Son”

My Son and Lightsabers

It’s really happening. On Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at approximately 18:20PM PST, my four-year-old son requested we not only watch a “Star Wars” movie, but that we make lightsabers out of cardboard tubes. I had the worst poker face in the galaxy.

Walk Like You’re Wearing Darth Vader’s Cape

That’s a mantra of mine. We all need mantras, which is to say “I need mantras.” To get through our day, little helpful phrases remind us of who we are and who we can be and keep us going when we want to bail out. Why Vader? Why not Batman? For the very specific reason in thatContinue reading “Walk Like You’re Wearing Darth Vader’s Cape”

Pushing Pop Culture On My Son: the Hits and Misses

As a concerned, caring parent, I’ve spent the better part of my free time pushing my personal pop culture obsessions onto my son. This feels natural. I’ve had some hits and misses, and here they are: Hit: “Wall-E.” The initial viewing came when Henry had a fever and got a “full-movie treat.” Rachel picked thisContinue reading “Pushing Pop Culture On My Son: the Hits and Misses”

Weighing In On Important Matters

Recent developments have led to a number of my friends asking me “Have you heard about THIS? What do you think about THIS?” Here, now, I address these important matters, of which there are only* two: 1.) The Release of Adam-West-style Batman toys. I’m mildly excited about this, even though they don’t look like “playableContinue reading “Weighing In On Important Matters”

One of THOSE Blogs

As I try to process the horrible events of the last weekend, I type this. It’s going to be very scattered, and therefore honest. I offer no answers. I believe that anyone who does offer answers to what went wrong, or how things could be fixed — either directly or without knowing it — hasContinue reading “One of THOSE Blogs”

Movie Montage Jam Is Awesome

Someday I’ll write a longer, more thoughtful essay on the deterioration of awesomeness in the modern world, and what that might mean for the future of cinema in general… but first I’m going to use that over-used term to describe something I can’t stop watching. THIS VIDEO came across my virtual desk the other day,Continue reading “Movie Montage Jam Is Awesome”