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I heard about the “One Marvelous Scene” project through my subscription to “Lessons from the Screenplay,” and I’m glad I did. Much like the MCU films, I’ve enjoyed most of the entries and arguments made, and have picked up some new subscriptions on the way. So, it worked, guys. Way to cross-market. Synergy. But with […]

I’ve been re-watching “Vertigo.” And re-rewatching, and re-re-rewatching. I’ve actually been listening to the audio, without images. With all this study, I’m not 100% certain of my opinion about it. I’m not sure I love it, or if I do, if I love it because it gives me something to think about as a film […]

A few weeks back I had my day made when the Rollin’ Clones (the UK’s preeminent Rolling Stones cover band) started following me on Twitter. I was only upset to see that they weren’t playing in the States any time soon. I suppose I could travel… But that was just for starters. Long time people […]

One word: streamlining.

I saw it and assembled (thank you) some feelings. We all have feelings, right? 1.) I liked it. But…

The 1984 comedy smash appeared on Netflix streaming, and like a good consumer, I watched it, and had some tenuously-related thoughts on the movie. If you don’t support these things, they’ll disappear, you know. 

Success! Success!  They’ve done it!  They’ve done it! I made my kid like “Batman!” He requests it now, and we are going for round 2 of the movie. So that means more random thoughts like these: 1.) How does it rank as a Batman story? In comparison with the other Batman movies, that is, I’d […]