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I’ve been re-watching “Vertigo.” And re-rewatching, and re-re-rewatching. I’ve actually been listening to the audio, without images. With all this study, I’m not 100% certain of my opinion about it. I’m not sure I love it, or if I do, if I love it because it gives me something to think about as a film […]

A few weeks back I had my day made when the Rollin’ Clones (the UK’s preeminent Rolling Stones cover band) started following me on Twitter. I was only upset to see that they weren’t playing in the States any time soon. I suppose I could travel… But that was just for starters. Long time people […]

One word: streamlining.

I saw it and assembled (thank you) some feelings. We all have feelings, right? 1.) I liked it. But…

The 1984 comedy smash appeared on Netflix streaming, and like a good consumer, I watched it, and had some tenuously-related thoughts on the movie. If you don’t support these things, they’ll disappear, you know. 

Success! Success!  They’ve done it!  They’ve done it! I made my kid like “Batman!” He requests it now, and we are going for round 2 of the movie. So that means more random thoughts like these: 1.) How does it rank as a Batman story? In comparison with the other Batman movies, that is, I’d […]

My indoctrination process has begun. I’ve begun showing Henry the old Adam West “Batman” movie. I “accidentally” left the DVD in the player. Playing. As h came out of his nap. “Why, I don’t know how that got there… but it looks pretty good. Would you like to watch, Henry?” All it took was that […]