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I heard about the “One Marvelous Scene” project through my subscription to “Lessons from the Screenplay,” and I’m glad I did. Much like the MCU films, I’ve enjoyed most of the entries and arguments made, and have picked up some new subscriptions on the way. So, it worked, guys. Way to cross-market. Synergy. But with […]

I’ve been re-watching “Vertigo.” And re-rewatching, and re-re-rewatching. I’ve actually been listening to the audio, without images. With all this study, I’m not 100% certain of my opinion about it. I’m not sure I love it, or if I do, if I love it because it gives me something to think about as a film […]

Possibly spawned by this ERB, I recently re-watched “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Commence thoughts: 1.) It’s Aged Well. Surprisingly well. The situation is still relatable, understandable and (as far as a story based on time travel can be) straightforward. Most of the jokes still work, too, because they are character based, and most of […]

Believe it or not, I watched the pilot for “Gotham.” Here are some feelings and thoughts that I came up with and then typed: 1.) Good start, then less good, and then both bad and good. But not “so bad it’s good.” Just flip flopping. I thought they handled the Wayne m-rder really well, and that kid’s scream alone […]

I have never been a fan of Lebron James. I’ve always kind of found him boring, and I finally figured out why: he has no rival. He exists in a vacuum of his own talent. The only thing he ever needs to overcome (it would seem) is his own insecurity. And talent on its own […]

A big reason to go to WonderCon — or any comic book convention — is to people watch. Specifically costume watch. The crowd is a weird mix of exhibitionists and home-body nerds. And for years, decades even, the go-to costume for exhibitionist girls has been Princess Leia in the metal slave bikini. But this week, […]

This one’s a mess. I’ve been listening to Nirvana. Again. As I’ve written before, I seem to fall into a rut with this band around this time of year, every year, for the last couple years. Near the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. It’s a contemplative time that ultimately succeeds in ruining me for my mother’s […]