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The album, I mean. Or do I? We shall see. As I mentioned in a previous post, many of my all time favorite Stones songs appear on 1969’s “Let It Bleed” album, while not necessarily being cuts off of that album. So I got to thinking what the ultimate mega-mix of “Let It Bleed” would […]

Every now and then, I’ll run through the entire catalog for an artist or band. And today, it’s Weezer, a band with which the world has (apparently) had a weird relationship. *PLEASE NOTE: This was written BEFORE hearing “The Black Album.” Which makes some of my statements questionable.  It’s always the same with Weezer — […]

Spurred by my previous post, I’m currently listening to Oasis’ live album “Familiar To Millions.” It’s my fourth or fifth time trying to complete this listen as A) it’s pretty long, a double album, and B) the swearing limits my playing around my kid. I was encouraged to dive deeper into their catalog, as well […]

For some reason, I keep doing it to myself. I keep reading TheRinger. Maybe they have good art, or alluring titles (in fact, they do). But time and again, their content is a let down. Case in point: the recent “Weezer Must Be Stopped” article. I considered doing a point-by-point take down of this thing, […]

I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE HIVES at least three times in my life. That’s three separate creative endeavors where I drew direct inspiration from this band. “Three times” may not sound like a lot, but compare it to the number of times you have been inspired by a band, movie or artist. I think […]

I got it! And I knew it! And I got it. Explaining: In a fit of sudden fanship, I bought two more Best Coast albums. And in doing so, I’ve finally realized just what Best Coast is. Best Coast = Sheryl Crow  + 1/2 The Go-Go’s (Nirvana influences – Anger + Fleetwood Mac). The Fleetwood Mac […]

It’s been a recent fantasy of mine to perform guitar on the street. Not really concentrating on making money, but more to just do it. I’ve kind of fantasized that I would be playing some Bikini Kill song on the off-chance that another fan might recognize it and want to join in. This is the […]