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“Pistol” Series Watched, Mostly Enjoyed

On a total whim — or as “total whim” as it can be for something that is almost perfectly designed to entice my eyeballs — I watched “Pistol,” the mini-series about the Sex Pistols, directed by Danny Boyle. Here are some random thoughts about that experience, shall we, won’t you, we shall. 1. Excellent Opening. […]

Darth Vader’s Phone Chair

Last week was a serious low-point for the United States, humanity and the world. We’ve had some terrible mass shootings (not that mass shootings are ever NOT terrible, but these seemed particularly bad; partly because of the victims involved, partly because they came in such close succession, and partly because the politicians have behaved even […]

A Foolproof Plan to Facilitate an Oasis Reunion

A Foolproof Plan to Facilitate an Oasis Reunion Recently I was a guest on “the Oasis Podcast,” which like so many other fine music shows of it kind, explores each song of a band, one-by-one, in alphabetical order. James was an excellent and knowledgable host, allowing for a conversation ranging from focused to not. Ultimately, […]

You Don’t Actually Love Television

For years, I tried to write for television. I took meetings, wrote spec scripts, pitched original series, did tours, applied for entry-level positions, all trying to get my foot inside that proverbial door. And as I reflect on those actions, I realize that a part of me thought it wanted to be there because I […]

Gripes About Film Intros (yes again)

While I might be getting dangerously close to hyperbole AND snobbery, I think film intros is a dying art. Or maybe just an underserved, under-considered art. To be fair, I’m pointing mostly to things like MCU movies. In the MCU, we get a lot of characters kinda just showing up with flat character intros. There […]

Controversial X-Men Opinions

I’m back in it. Again and again. After completing a casual semi-circuit through the films and doing some reading of actual comic books (!!), and then to have my own son start the Younger Series (aka “The Fassbender-McAvoy Series”) all on his own (which is something, considering he’s 12 and generally if I like something, […]


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