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Why Bands Breakup

I’m sitting in my backyard, blasting the Damned’s “Music For Pleasure” at full iPhone-speakers volume (you’re welcome, neighbors), considering their legacy in punk music and music in general. The songs are all a lot of loud fun, with even more grit than their already-pretty-gritty debut album. It all sounds exactly like an English punk band […]

Random Thoughts on “The Godfather, Part 2”

Yes, we’re back to this. Again and again, I keep examining these movies. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Well, I’ll try to surprise you. Mostly because these are almost entirely nitpicks and complaints. Anyway…  1. Cazale Got Stepped Ova! No disrespect to DiNiro for winning Supporting Actor, but with hindsight it […]

“Pistol” Series Watched, Mostly Enjoyed

On a total whim — or as “total whim” as it can be for something that is almost perfectly designed to entice my eyeballs — I watched “Pistol,” the mini-series about the Sex Pistols, directed by Danny Boyle. Here are some random thoughts about that experience, shall we, won’t you, we shall. 1. Excellent Opening. […]

Darth Vader’s Phone Chair

Last week was a serious low-point for the United States, humanity and the world. We’ve had some terrible mass shootings (not that mass shootings are ever NOT terrible, but these seemed particularly bad; partly because of the victims involved, partly because they came in such close succession, and partly because the politicians have behaved even […]

A Foolproof Plan to Facilitate an Oasis Reunion

A Foolproof Plan to Facilitate an Oasis Reunion Recently I was a guest on “the Oasis Podcast,” which like so many other fine music shows of it kind, explores each song of a band, one-by-one, in alphabetical order. James was an excellent and knowledgable host, allowing for a conversation ranging from focused to not. Ultimately, […]

You Don’t Actually Love Television

For years, I tried to write for television. I took meetings, wrote spec scripts, pitched original series, did tours, applied for entry-level positions, all trying to get my foot inside that proverbial door. And as I reflect on those actions, I realize that a part of me thought it wanted to be there because I […]


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