This Just In: Son Smarter Than Dad

Well, maybe more perceptive. But smarter, too.

Long story: my son isn’t really into Batman that much. I’ve often wondered if this is more a rebellion type thing, or if it’s an evolution type thing. I’m not saying all of our current societal problems are hinged around white men obsessing over the details of a rich guy positioning himself as the one-and-only savior for a corrupt system. . . but I’m not NOT saying that either. Maybe in some way, we need a generation that doesn’t look up to man who punches instead of listens, who fights street-level crime instead of the systems that created it. When’s the last time Batman stood up against voter suppression?

Anyway, my not-that-into-Batman son and I were talking about imaginary cars, and the stuff we’d like them to do. He mentioned shields and radio controls, so I thought immediately of the Burton/Keaton Batmobile. He’d never seen the 1989 “Batman,” so I showed him a couple parts. I admit, I wanted this to land like a real fan-making moment; I didn’t want to just show him the 5 seconds of the shields turning on and off, or the car driving on auto-pilot. I wanted the MOMENTS to land. The CINEMA. So I started at the point where the Joker starts talking to Vicky at the museum, watched Batman drop through the skylight, jump into the car all the way to the drive to the Batcave.

And here’s the point: When Joker’s goons are chasing the Batmobile, shooting at it (and into the sky), my son asks, “Why are they chasing him?”

And I had no answer.

No good answer anyway.

That’s because there isn’t one. The reason they chase him has more to do with action movie convention than story. They chase him so we can drive the Batmobile around. They chase him so we can have a fight in the alley.

And here’s the REAL point: in the multiple viewings of this movie, I’d never noticed this. I just took it for granted. It’s a Batman movie, so stuff like this has gotta happen. But my son, removed from the fan cult and group think, saw the holes.

So good for him. More of those, please.

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Writer, father, husband and fan of Batman, Star Wars and the Rolling Stones. I also have a Ramones Podcast:

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