Getting a Dog = Music Dog Puns


My son has been asking for a dog for years, and this year we finally pulled the trigger. We adopted Bodhi, a former rescue, who is a mix of Basenji and Mini-Pinscher. He’s pretty well trained and very nice.

None of that matters. What matters is what music puns I can get out of this dog’s name.

The first was Kool Bodhi, like “Kool Moe Dee.” This one has stayed pretty steady, though my ignorance of Kool Moe Dee’s catalog limits my range.

Next we came up with Depeche Bode, which I’m very proud of. He’s a quiet dog, so he does, in fact “enjoy the silence” and finds “words are very unnecessary.”

Bodhi’s been in our lives for almost a month, and it’s only recently that I’ve finally come up with the greatest names. It took me all this time that I’m almost angry at myself.

The names are:

Bodhi Ramone and David Bodhi.

These are goldmines.

First the Bowie/Bodhi relationship allows for some easy bits, given the fact that titles like “Diamond Dogs” and “Queen Bitch”are already in the catalog. Songs like “Moonage Daydream” give me a chance to sing “I’m a mini-pinscher/I’m a little Basenji for you-u-u.” You can go crazy coming up with alter-egos and concept albums such as “The Rise and Fall of Scooby Stardust and the Spaniels From Mars.” It’s only limited by rhyming abilities.

But with the Ramones catalog so dear to my heart, I went nuts. Here now is the set-list Bodhi Ramone would play if he did, in fact, sing in a seminal dog punk band:

  • Rockaway Leash
  • Teenage You-Gotta-Pee
  • Shitzu-Kreig Bop
  • Gimme Gimme Some Treats Man
  • Beat on the Cat
  • Judy is a Pug
  • I Wanna Walk Your Boyfriend
  • Rachel is a Dog-Walker (my wife’s name subbed in for Sheena)
  • Bodhi Goes to Bite-burg
  • Walk-n-Roll Dog School
  • Highest Tails Above
  • I Wanna Lick
  • Wart Dog
  • Too Ruff To Die
  • Barking At the Moon (Sha-La-La-La)
  • The KKK Took my Rabies Away
  • I Don’t Wanna NOT Walk Around With You
  • Today Your Love, Tomorrow Your Love
  • Penhead (with refrain “Gabba-Gabba STAY!”)


  • Now I Wanna Sniff Some Poo
  • Pet Semetary

I’m sure I missed some. I just need to pick the right dog jackets.






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