Fact: “All Things Must Pass” is the LEAST Punk Rock Album Ever


Recently got this album. I’ve given it many listens.

But I made the mistake of listening to it after reading the 33 1/3 book on “Ramones.” Besides dealing with the making of that album, the book goes deep into the pre-punk and punk mentality. Lots of DIY type stuff and about how it compared to the preceding rock of the era.

Then I listened to “All Things Must Pass.”It didn’t help matters. It felt like everything “Ramones” was against (if it was against anything) (which it kind of was).

“All Things Must Pass” was never a punk album, but that fact was never so clear to me until this moment. “ATMP” has all the non-punk trappings:

  • It’s a TRIPLE album.
  • The songs contain lots of slide guitars and harmonicas.
  • More than four songs are about love, God or both.
  • There are tons upon TONS of celebrity collaborators. One of whom is Eric Clapton.
  • The final side (4 or 5 songs) are a jam session. Featuring Eric Clapton.

I’m not saying it’s bad at all. Most of it is beautiful. I’m just publishing how a mindset can alter the perception of anything.

I think George Harrison would actually appreciate that.


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