Productivity, Stand Still


My computer recently betrayed me. It has gone to a better place. Such is the nature of things.

And when said nature of things occurs, and the computer life transition occurs, certain things fall off. It’s the Darwin effect of computers: if you did a lot of your work on a 2009 model, and all your software has become outdated, and now you suddenly jump ahead to modern times and you had to drop a big chunk of change to get here at all. . . you start to wonder if you really SHOULD buy new screenwriting software.

That’s right. I’m considering the drop. Again.

I don’t know how much I’ve formally typed about this in the past. I suppose I could search, but I’m not going to.

I’m cheap but oddly driven. I just threw $1000+ on a new computer when one was working just fine a month ago (and working REALLY great when you consider it was a dinosaur). So I’m hesitant when it comes to just saying, “Sure, FinalDraft — here’s $200!”

My next stop was to explore cheaper options.

The Mac comes with Pages, which is their answer to MS Word. There are templates for screenwriting available online.

They’re cumbersome.

So between a dying computer, and a computer with no viable screenwriting software, I’ve been looking for ways to justify my artistic leanings.

I’m trying really hard.

Not hard at writing, exactly. But trying hard to look like I’m trying hard.


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