Best Coast Figured Out


I got it! And I knew it! And I got it.

Explaining: In a fit of sudden fanship, I bought two more Best Coast albums. And in doing so, I’ve finally realized just what Best Coast is.

Best Coast = Sheryl Crow  + 1/2 The Go-Go’s (Nirvana influences – Anger + Fleetwood Mac). The Fleetwood Mac part was figured out by reading the liner notes, but still!

It may be early, but I’m less into the later albums. They’re fine, and there are some really good songs on there, but they are mostly standard, well-produced songs. There’s something about the production, the recklessness and the naivete and youth of “Crazy For You” that is not only charming, but artistic. I’m listening to “Fade Away” and “Only Place” and (again) while I’m enjoying them, they feel closer to Matthew Sweet and Sheryl Crow albums than to anything else, than the previous album does.

“Crazy For You” feels like it’s all major chords, and the same chords. The lyrics are not clever. They are honest. They feel honest, anyway. They feel like there’s little between you and her feelings. These are the things she likes, these are the things that make her sad. That’s all. It’s unpretentious and clear. Some of the lyrics on “Only Place,” to pick one, are clever, and in their cleverness build a barrier between you and the singer. Or between you and The Truth.

Also, remember how I got a Nirvana vibe from this band? I found this. I’m a genius.


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