A-Hole Cartoons


I recently came across an irritating cartoon. This one.

Political Cartoon

It irritated me for a number of reasons, mostly for the fact that it assumes people with a liberal arts degree look down on those who go to trade schools (or anyone, for that matter). It actually proves its own ignorance in a couple of ways.

First off, it assumes a grand generalization, which makes them an asshole.

Thing is, that may be true. See, I graduated from a liberal arts college, and one of the things I learned there is that not everyone thinks the same, whether they’re from a certain group, clique, race, country or whatever. That compels me to mention that, yes, it’s POSSIBLE that there are some graduates of liberal arts colleges who may look down on graduates of trade schools. But it is equally possible that there are some liberal arts graduates who don’t like pizza. Everyone’s different, and when you lump people together, it comes off as ignorant and insensitive.

The second part, and the weirdest, is that it proves its own prejudice in reverse, by pointing a finger at “me.” It assumes that we look down on trade college graduates. I believe that your reactions to people are a reflection of your own opinion. That’s all a fancy way to say that if you’re insecure about yourself, you’re going to more likely assume people think poorly of you, too. The writer of the cartoon probably thinks we look down on trade school graduates because the writer himself probably looks down on liberal arts graduates himself.

I got this from Facebook, so you can correctly assume that it was posted by someone I know. And thanks to my education at a notable post-highschool institution, I realized it would be in poor taste to respond with angry Facebook comments. Unfortunately, I’m enough of a tool to rant about it on my own website. It’s been sitting with me for a while. It’s really annoying. And that people I know “liked” it? “Oh, it’s not about Phillip. He wouldn’t think that way.”

It’s never “about you” when it’s irritating, narrow-minded and cruel, is it? It’s always about some Other. Some separate entity who doesn’t really exist.

If it doesn’t exist, then what are you complaining about?

Also a closing footnote: money = happiness HA HA HA everyone who is well off is happy all the time and never drinks too much or wonders about their life ever yay yay yay Why does anyone have different opinions than mine, I’m always right GABBA GABBA!



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