The Hives and Twitter Power


My Facebook and Twitter feeds are basically “Please Love Me” outlets. I’m totally unique that way. You probably post stuff out of the goodness of your heart, and you don’t want those luscious internet kisses in the forms of “likes” and stars and re-tweets and shout outs. Good for you.

Bad for me. But also good for me. In a weird brain flux, I decided to Tweet for a couple hours about the Hives, one of my favorite bands. And it paid off: long story short, their official feed gave me a shout out. Actually they told their fans I was “on fire tonight,” which feels great.

The whole story, in a long nutshell:

I love the Hives. My wife was watching one of her shows, and I threw in “Tussells In Brussels.” It had been a while. I told myself I was only going to watch the first 30 seconds of the first song (which is about as great a 30 seconds of a first song of a concert as it ever gets, by the way), but then they went into “Antidote,” and I just stayed with it. It reminded me of the times I’ve seen them in concert. Twice: once on “Tyrannosaurus Hives” in Chicago, then again for “Black & White” in 2007 in Los Angeles. I actually got to review that one for The Fader.

SOOOO… I got to thinking about how that review held up, and decided to read it. And despite the spelling errors (which, I swear, I think someone else put them in; when would I ever mistake “pray” with “prey?” I never write “prey.”), yes, it’s still true for me. They are a great band, and most of all, I’m still enthusiastic about them.

So enthusiastic that I thought, “I’m gonna post this to Twitter tonight, because I didn’t have Twitter when I wrote it back in 2007 because NOBODY had Twitter then,” and that led me into a Hives Fit. I started blathering on, using Twitter how it was intended — public blather. Eventually I admitted how I have dreamed — probably since that 2007 concert — of writing a Hives movie, kind of like the “Rock n’ Roll High School” of its time, but involving time travel. It would have to be bold, wild, cocky and loud. It would have to make sense only to the initiated, but assume that everyone in the world WAS the initiated. It would paint the Hives as saviors and fools, the alpha and omega. And not in some b.s. ass-kissy fan way. Because I think that’s what the band would wanna do, because it’s kind of how they’ve conducted themselves over the past 14+ years.

EVENTUALLY, I landed on a general story idea, which was this:

Nailed it.

Then I came up with this scene idea, which I think is pretty funny:


Hives Movie Scene

And that yielded THIS!!!

Hives Shout Out


Now, in another world, this story would end with us actually making the movie, and the Hives setting fire to a red carpet premiere or something. But it ends here, with the simple act of a Twitter shout-out from one of my favorite groups. And even though I may give myself 2 weeks to hammer out an actual outline for this script that has existed for years in my car stereo’s daydreams, the shout out is actually enough.

In the meantime, you can read my writing on the Hives if you like.

Greatest Song at the Moment: “Fall is Just Something That Grownups Invented.”

Another GSATM: “You Dres Up For Armageddon.”

That Avalon Concert Review.


EDITED TO ADD: “Greatest Song at the Moment” was a weekly column I invented for Fader/Tripwire, and it was inspired by the Hives. I once had a three-week love affair with the song “Tick Tick Boom.” Then the song appeared on “Friday Night Lights” and I told my wife, “This is the greatest song at the moment by the way.” I never actually wrote about “Tick Tick Boom,” but it’s listed on the very first GSATM column as an example. To absolutely no one’s surprise, that first column was about the Rolling Stones.


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