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A big reason to go to WonderCon — or any comic book convention — is to people watch. Specifically costume watch. The crowd is a weird mix of exhibitionists and home-body nerds. And for years, decades even, the go-to costume for exhibitionist girls has been Princess Leia in the metal slave bikini. But this week, […]

There’s no reason being clever or coy about it: Hole’s “Live Through This” is — in 2014 — a weird listen. It’s not that the music has aged BADLY, exactly, but it’s just aged into something different. I’ve been trying to think of another example where a piece of pop art was changed so much […]

This one’s a mess. I’ve been listening to Nirvana. Again. As I’ve written before, I seem to fall into a rut with this band around this time of year, every year, for the last couple years. Near the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. It’s a contemplative time that ultimately succeeds in ruining me for my mother’s […]