Weird Brushes With Internet Fame


A few weeks back I had my day made when the Rollin’ Clones (the UK’s preeminent Rolling Stones cover band) started following me on Twitter. I was only upset to see that they weren’t playing in the States any time soon. I suppose I could travel… But that was just for starters.

Long time people who know me may have heard of my recent obsession with “The Star Wars Minute” podcast, wherein two+ nerds dissect, digest and analyze “Star Wars” one minute at a time. It’s a fun podcast, as they play a nice balance between trivia, nostalgia and personal stories as well as picking apart the movie inch by inch. They put out a call for anyone to share stories or ideas on their hotline 8DAY-GREEDO, and not only did I contribute, but my clip got picked! You can hear me on Minute 98: “Fake Wedge,” where I talk about R2D2’s girlfriend.

Fun fact: a bit of audio I contributed but was NOT used was how – as a kid – I was always confused as to who says the line “That’s impossible, even for a computer” to Luke. It’s supposed to be Wedge, but – as I said on the phone – he looks really different in profile and not wearing a helmet. I thought I was just channeling my childhood confusion, but it turns out (as the title of that episode might tell you) it’s NOT the same actor! It’s his voice (though Wedge’s voice was dubbed in this film), but as I learned on “Star Wars Minute,” the scene was shot with another actor due to scheduling problems or something. See? Trivia and it’s helpful!

Now if I can somehow hook-up with the “Fatman on Batman” podcast, I will have completed my life’s work to be tangentially connected to my three favorite things.


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