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Please verify my non-craziness with Misty Lee. I once got her and her husband to be part of a Christmas living nativity scene with me. No joke. Anyway…  I’ve listened to “Fat Man On Batman” since inception because it’s right up my alley, which is probably the same alley* from which you conceived of the […]

A quickie, but a possibly importantieeee, and something I first noticed while trying to make myself like “The Dark Knight Rises.” So I’ll start there. “Dark Knight Rises” contains some of Batman’s least dramatic film entrances, simply because they are simply entrances. Seriously, that’s all they are. Batman just walking into frame. The two that […]

This week, I saw a couple things that framed the state of film production in a clear yet disturbing light. They were the great “Casablanca” and the trailer for the indy-comedy “Coffee Town.” This might start to ramble, but what doesn’t? As it’s been stated many times before, by smarter people than myself, “Casablanca”  represents […]