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As I semi-completed another screenplay, and I’ve been musing on my next career step, I’ve been contemplating the bigger picture of the World of Entertainment, and how a person can possibly survive in that world. I’ve been listening to podcasts again, been having lively critical(-ish) discussions with friends, and the ensuing stew has been brewing […]

I love “Pulp Fiction.” I’ve come to appreciate it more and more, and I’ve always enjoyed its quotability, despite the subject matter and content of almost every possible quote (such as “Shiiiiit, negro, that’s all you got to say!”). As a worrisome parent, I try to curb my swearing around the sponge-like ears of my […]

I have inside information which I believe perfectly illustrates just how clueless of a director (and possibly a writer… and maybe a human being) Zach Snyder is. It involves a minor spoiler, only in that it concerns one of the very last scenes in the movie, but that’s the whole point. I think we, as […]