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Often times, when I’m thinking a lot about something, I let my mind wander in search of patterns, rankings and categories of that thing. I’ll start creating lists like, “What was the best Batman utility belt?” and “Which Robin had the best hair?” Since I’ve been on a major Stones kick, my focus has been […]

Actually 15, but it feels like there were 999,985 more swimming around in my head after I saw them on opening night of the “50 and Counting” tour. Here we go: 1.) I Love the Rolling Stones. 2.) AAAAAAAAAAAHH!! And every other sound normally associated with teenage girls. 

I realize I’ve never done this. Not officially. So I do it now, on Rolling Stones Concert Eve. Here now are the (studio) albums of the Rolling Stones ranked. Mostly. I’ll explain later. Top Tier:   “Exile on Main St.”   “Beggars Banquet”   “Let It Bleed”   “Sticky Fingers”   “Some Girls” These were […]

I’ve been part of many projects in my longish career as a writer, improviser and sketch performer. Many of which have turned out great. Many other have not. Many, many others. Here’s a sample of my less-than-amazing résumé. The anti-résumé. 1.) “CONSORTIUM” (Sketch Pilot). A great idea — get all the presently-unattached sketch people (mostly associated […]