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I wrote a grumpy letter, and you get to read it, too. Because this is the internet, and exhibitionism rules. April 22, 2013 Craig Mazin c/0 Scriptnotes Podcast 1255 Internet Way America, CA 43ZZ2 Re: Pizza Dear Mr. Mazin, I’m writing in regards to your generalizing slur against the taste of Chicagoans, Midwesterners and any […]

Well, it happened again. I got lured in (or suckered, however you want to put it). It seems kind of impossible, but I just purchased tickets for opening night of the Stones’ “50 and Counting” tour at the Staples Center. This will mark my third time seeing the group, and I have some thoughts: 1.) […]

These are very official. In my years as a writer, I’ve been part of a number of writing groups, classes and productions where staged readings are a normal, productive part of the process. Most recently I’ve been part of Deadline Junkies, and one of the benefits of that group is the stable of talented, working […]

Honestly, I’ve been kind of sitting on this title and topic for a while, but as morbid as it sounds, these types of things seem to work best when seen posthumously, as is the sad case today. And it’s a good title, so I stand by it. Like most people, I discovered Roger Ebert through […]