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It’s the show people (apparently) love to hate. Our house watches it. Here’s some things that pop into my head that I don’t say outlaid, which would anger my wife who enjoys the singing. When the stories go wonky and nobody’s singing, these are the things I think about: 1.) Weirdos. There are lots of […]

This will be super judgmental, but WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Let me start over. With lots of spelling errors and conjecture. Feel free to debate. Onward… Recently the producers of cult-TV show “Veronica Mars” launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a “Veronica Mars” movie. The movement was overwhelmingly supported as the production’s needs […]

There’s been a lot of complaining (as always) about the Academy Awards this year, but very little of it was about “Argo” winning Best Picture. This might partly be due to the movie’s unique labeling as an “underdog,” coupled with the “snub” of Affleck for a Best Director nomination*. But in another way, I think […]

It’s worth me talking about myself to say that my feature script “ACTING COACH” has made it to the Semi-Finalist level of the 2013 Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Festival, despite not being a short script itself. I’m proud of it. It’s nice to have some form of outside validation. You hear nice things from friends […]