Weighing In On Important Matters


Recent developments have led to a number of my friends asking me “Have you heard about THIS? What do you think about THIS?” Here, now, I address these important matters, of which there are only* two:

1.) The Release of Adam-West-style Batman toys. I’m mildly excited about this, even though they don’t look like “playable toys,” if you follow me. More like unique collector’s items. I was hoping for playable toys to help with my son’s Robin obsession; they put out Batman in snow pants, but they can’t put out a few decent Robin action figures? So maybe if these take off, and popularity in the old show picks up, it’ll change the world, and people will be ready to embrace fun superheroes instead of “real” superheroes. We’ll see. 

2.) New “Star Wars” franchise rumors, facts and other such things. There’s much to be said, and in time I’ll try to say it all, but my short answer is: I don’t really care. Hiring JJ Abrams makes sense — especially since he directed the best “Star Wars” movie in 15 years thanks to “Star Trek” — but it also seems to make so much sense that it’s boring. You know how when a movie is announced, and the internet goes crazy with fan-picked casting ideas, and they all seem super obvious? That’s what this is like. What’s maddening is it’s going to happen again and again and again, with the subsequent “Young Han Solo,” Boba Fett and Yoda movies. The world will get inundated with suggestions (“Nathan Fillon for Young Han!”) until there’s nothing** to really look forward to. If they end up appeasing fans (or “fans”) so much with this type of stuff, it almost goes contrary to the original take on “Star Wars.” It was a bunch of no-names and up-and-comers surrounded by British actors, directed by a weird guy who insisted it worked. If you end up filling it with “perfect” choices and ringers, then you end up with “Lincoln,” which is a movie where you can’t argue a single casting or crew choice, and yet that’s part of what makes it a little boring. It’s unsurprising that “Lincoln” is so good. It should be, considering the power it’s packing.

And while I’m getting more and more esoteric, the entire operation feels more like saturation, and giving everyone so much of what they want that they won’t want it again. It almost feels like a weird way to KILL Star Wars rather than revitalize it. We’re looking at a potential mid-period James Bond era, where the movies come out and they’re more routine than spectacular.


*Sorry, North Korea.

*With that being said, casting Kyle Chandler as Han Solo might be super cool.


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