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I’m participating in Script Doctor Eric’s “Great Movie Challenge,” in which readers list and rank the 2012-released movies they saw for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Turns out I saw a bunch of movies, thanks to a few helpful babysitters and Netflix streaming (and, I suppose, by poor box office resulting in a quicker […]

Recent developments have led to a number of my friends asking me “Have you heard about THIS? What do you think about THIS?” Here, now, I address these important matters, of which there are only* two: 1.) The Release of Adam-West-style Batman toys. I’m mildly excited about this, even though they don’t look like “playable […]

I’ve recently broken a story. I think. I can never quite tell. I’ve been hammering around a general idea for a couple months involving Spaghetti Westerns, Hurricane Katrina, female outlaws and the music of AC/DC.* It started much closer to a rip-off of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and has effectively meandered around […]