Resolutions For Writers: Stop Using “Bitch” as a Punchline


It’s New Years Eve and I have a resolution. Well, its more of a plea. I have a lot of writer friends out there, most of them working in comedy, and I’m asking them: please eliminate using the word “bitch” as a punchline.

I’m not really asking out of political motivation, though there’s certainly good reason to follow that through. No, I’m just bored with it. It’s a crutch of the lazy, and I’m tired of it. It seems to happen primarily in American comedy (as opposed to British), and it’s just dull and dumb.

Here’s the affect it has on me, as a reader/viewer:

  1. I assume the character saying it is dumb, since now the most prevalent user of the “Bitch-as-punchline” technique is Jessie from “Breaking Bad,” who is not known for his brains. If this is the choice, then more power to you, but I’d bet 9 out of 10 characters are not supposed to be the kind of annoying, repelling dumb I’m picking up with this technique.
  2. I assume you, the writer, are dumb, because you couldn’t come up with anything better. You had time to write and re-write the joke, and you couldn’t top what a drunken, game-hat-wearing frat jag would spit on any given Friday night.
  3. I roll my eyes.

And I’m going to keep assuming the stupidity, that is a promise.

No more. It’s over. Done. It’s been done for years. Let 2013 be known as the end of “‘Bitch’ as a punchline.”


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