I’VE GOT IT! What’s Missing From “The Dark Knight Rises”


I got “The Dark Knight Rises” on DVD for Christmas. No special edition. I let the bells and whistles try to save “Star Wars” prequels. This one’s gotta stand on its merits.

But as I’ve been reviewing it, I realized one of the biggest scenes missing from the movie: there’s no clear moment where where Bruce Wayne* decides “I will be Batman again.”

He just kind of eases into it, I suppose, and then, “Aw, heck, I’ll put on the suit, I s’ppose.”

Think of the great Batman stories of the past, and they almost always include some “I’ll do it” moment. “Batman: Year One,” “The Dark Knight Returns.” Even “Batman Forever” kind of has one later in the movie. But not here. Not this story that HINGES ON BRUCE WAYNE COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT TO BE BATMAN AGAIN.

There’s also some weird editing things going on here, where they cut in the middle of a shot, almost to get to a similar jot. It’s jarring. I’m thinking specifically of two scenes:

-In the sewers, where Gordon has just escaped. Bane’s goon tells him they don’t know where he went, and Bane says, “Find him,” then shoots him;

-the Batman-and-Catwoman rooftop-team-up fight, just after Batman disarms Catwoman, and before he says, “No guns. No killing.”

I didn’t notice these things in the theater. Is it just my cheaper DVD? Are one of the BluRay special features a less-jarring cut of the film?

…also, is the underlying point of this movie proving to Batman that killing actually IS the best way to solve one’s problems? After the earlier “No killing” reprimand, Catwoman saves Batman’s life with the Bat-pod and delivers that pithy “About that whole no guns thing… I’m not sure I feel as strongly about it as you do” line, and Batman’s just kind of cool with it. Why not just carry a gun at that point, Batman?

More to come, I’m sure.

*I thought about writing the old “Spoiler alert” joke, but it’s just that. Old. Seriously, I think we should move on, not just from spoiling movies, but from getting upset when they GET spoiled. Especially when it’s a major release.


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