Batman Christmas 2012


Henry received many Bat-related gifts this holiday season (including a Batman drinking bottle), but I wanted to address a couple quirks I’ve found.

1.) the Imaginext Robin action figure doesn’t come with a cape. Have you ever seen Robin without a cape? And it’s not like Imaginext is anti-cape: there are close to 651 variations on Batman (our house currently holds three) and they all come with capes. So to disgrace the legacy of Robin is either greed (cutting down on their cape budget) or gross negligence. Either way, I’m sadly tempted to make a cape myself, but I’m not certain how to attach it. Or what material to use. Or what color it should be. 

2.) The Imaginext Penguin action figure is too fat for the Batmobile. His lets don’t really bend, and he’s a chunk. So you cannot recreate your favorite moments from the 1966 movie where Penguin makes off with his newly-crowned “Bird-Mobile.”

3.) The Imaginext Gotham City Jail features an electric chair. Apparently the name “Arkham Asylum” was deemed too adult for this demographic, but the designers have no problem with capital punishment. It even lights up. It also comes with a Bane toy, who Henry has banished to the dining room, deeming him too scary to sleep in his room. Good call.

4.) How to play with the Jail. Henry’s name for it is “The Batman House,” and he’s not wrong, I suppose. It’s got Bat-signals all over the thing. So far, most of the play involving the Batman House has gone this way: I am told to make The Penguin knock on the front doors. Henry makes Batman and Robin answer, they tell Penguin to go to college, and then they put him in his cell. Then we turn the electric chair light on.

5.) The Imaginext Batmobile is a quality Batmobile.  Henry got this for his birthday last year, but I wanted to make a special note that somehow the designers hit a sweet spot with this design. I’ve seen the updated one, and it’s kinda crap, but this thing is a nice mix between the 1966 model (which shares the family-friendly tone of the Imaginext line), a dash of the 1989 “super corvette” model, and some of the Nolan/Bale “urban tank” thing. It’s got giant back tires (Nolan/Bale), a curvy body (1989) and tail fins with a rocket (1966). What’s more, it seems to be mostly indestructible. If we drove it too hard into the couch with the cockpit window open, that might snap off, but the rest is like a brick on wheels. It also runs a few feet on its own power when you turn the key (which also appears largely indestructible).

My days are bright thanks to toys.


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