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I got “The Dark Knight Rises” on DVD for Christmas. No special edition. I let the bells and whistles try to save “Star Wars” prequels. This one’s gotta stand on its merits. But as I’ve been reviewing it, I realized one of the biggest scenes missing from the movie: there’s no clear moment where where […]

Since having a child, my wife and I rarely get to see movies in the theaters, so when the opportunity arises, we’re very excited. However, things have to align just so to make our evenings stress free. Basically we like to leave AFTER Henry has gone down to sleep (around 8:00), which means the movie […]

Henry received many Bat-related gifts this holiday season (including a Batman drinking bottle), but I wanted to address a couple quirks I’ve found. 1.) the Imaginext Robin action figure doesn’t come with a cape. Have you ever seen Robin without a cape? And it’s not like Imaginext is anti-cape: there are close to 651 variations […]

As I try to process the horrible events of the last weekend, I type this. It’s going to be very scattered, and therefore honest. I offer no answers. I believe that anyone who does offer answers to what went wrong, or how things could be fixed — either directly or without knowing it — has […]

This week I got to be part of “Fan Friction” show at MI’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. The show is made up of several writers and comedians, all charged with writing a fan fiction essay about a popular show, movie, etc., and inject themselves into the story. It was a lot of fun […]

In anticipation of “Django Unchained,” I randomly re-watched “Kill Bill, Vol. 2.” And I don’t have anything to say about it. Well, I do, actually. Here they are 1.) My Trailer Theory. I was set on watching “Vol 2” at the 10 minute mark of watching “Vol 1.” I realize in a completist, event-loving culture […]

After I wrote that screening order post, something didn’t sit right. Mostly I was dealing with the fact that the appropriate age to see any of the current Batman movies is around 14 or 15. The only real exception seems to be the Adam West movie, so picking a “proper” screening order seemed wholly unnecessary. […]