Movie Montage Jam Is Awesome


Someday I’ll write a longer, more thoughtful essay on the deterioration of awesomeness in the modern world, and what that might mean for the future of cinema in general… but first I’m going to use that over-used term to describe something I can’t stop watching.

THIS VIDEO came across my virtual desk the other day, and it’s great. It’s a compilation of clips from 303 movies (the top 250 from IMDb as of this summer, I think, judging by the inclusion of “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises”… plus 53 others).

Now, WHY it’s great has to do with a couple things:

1.) They didn’t go with the all-star moments from every movie. Sure, the one line from “Network” is in here, and Clark Gable’s final line from “Gone With the Wind,” to name a few. But for many of the other clips — the majority, I believe — the clips are not “The A-List Clips.” If this were made for the Oscars, it would have only been those clips, thereby watering it down. The power of these clips is that they come from movies we know so well that any little bit is recognizable. You’ve got Indiana Jones leaping over the pit — not grabbing the idol or running from the boulder. The three “Star Wars” representing clips I’ve caught are Vader and Obi-Wan clashing light sabers (over, say, jumping to light speed or the opening shot), R2-D2 being raised by the Force on Dagobah (instead of, say, Vader saying, “I am your father”) and the Falcon zipping through the interior of the second Death Star (over, say… Slave Girl Leia*). “Psycho” is represented with a shot of Norman Bates at the end of the movie instead of the shower scene. With “The Matrix,” they included Trinity saying “Dodge this” instead of including the zillionth use of Neo dodging bullets. The point here is…

2.) The clips go together as a piece better this way instead of just being a highlight reel. There are themes used throughout that tie the piece together through similarities instead of being a jarring collection of shots. Nonetheless…

3.) The clip does what I perceive its job is very well, which would be “get you excited for movies.” Which it totally does, even if I don’t love every movie in the list.

With all that being said, I can’t find any references to some pretty big movies. “Citizen Kane,” for example. Maybe I’m just missing it. I’d love to see a list collecting the titles, so you could search it.

So there you are. “I’m into leather.”

*It would’ve been a weird Oscars.


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