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In discussing the seven “adult” Batman movies recently, I was asked how I would introduce those films to my son. I didn’t know, but I promised an answer. There’s a couple ways to look at it: age appropriateness and continuity. It seems like it would be weird to see the Nolan films before the Burton/Schumacher […]

It just is. It typifies what the Beatles were all in about three minutes. If aliens landed tomorrow and said, “We don’t have time to learn the whole history of this group — what with all the world conquering we have to do and all — so we need to hear one song that would […]

Short and sweet: this weekend we went to Big Bear City (first time) with another family of three. We rode on the sled/toboggan ride, where you can control how fast or slow you go down a smooth-surface track. Side note: it’s great. Everyone from 3 to 37 years old loved it. We all rode it […]

I’ve just gotten through a rather fascinating set of videos by Rob Ager about the equally fascinating film “The Shining.” I got into it because of a trailer for the film “Room 237,” which focuses on the conspiracies and theories behind the hidden messages within the film that fans have found over the last 30 […]

Sitcoms… Blah


I mentioned recently how the crop of crap sitcoms on the air these days has me humming a version of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth.” And I’m not doing that because I yearn so desperately for the gritty realism of “All in the Family” or social commentary of any kind. I just want something to […]

I recently got to see a 70mm screening of “Vertigo,” the new “Best Movie Ever Made” and semi-controversial film in almost every regard. Here are some random thoughts on such things: 1.) Most Interesting. “Vertigo” still isn’t my favorite Hitchcock movie, but I think I can safely say it’s his most interesting, in almost every […]

Let me take you through the chain of events, so I don’t sound like a complete lunatic: I was reading the AV Club’s write-up on the 1989 Prince album “Batman,” and it mentioned how the big hit “Bat-Dance” was still pretty great, despite being very dated and cheesy. It embraces the cheese, so it can […]