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I shouldn’t have to explain WHY I re-watch things like this. I just do, and then I have thoughts about them. Get over it. 1.) The first act is still great. You get a lot of what would come to be classic moments — Batman’s slow descent with extended cape, a Batarang, colorful gangsters, etc. […]

A story about myself: I often think about how celebrity deaths are handled by the media. It’s become such a standard thing that I assume there has to be a template available to suit whatever dignitary, celebrity or famous pet passes away, and I believe I at the very least have a good handle on […]

All related to Batman, mostly to “The Dark Knight Rises.” NO, I’m not done yet. We’ll grade these on a scale of 1 to 10, how great would it have been: 1.) To have featured Batgirl instead of Robin? Grade: 7-ish. Batgirl has “historically” been the type of character who donned the cape and cowl […]

This has been building for a while. I’ve been going to comic book stores for a long while, and I usually snoop out a couple titles to claim, some trusted names (ie Batman) and sometimes some risks (I jumped on “Kick-Ass” pretty early). With the whole DC New 52 push, I decided to stick with […]