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I was heading West on Riverside drive, on my way to my weekly writers group in Studio City, when I caught up to (another) Prius. This one had the license plate “108LOST,” with a Beverly Hills auto dealer license plate frame. And I got to thinking that one of the famous “numbers” from “Lost” was […]

I’ve been hearing questions as to the appeal of Batman from a few places recently (most notably on Scriptshadow and the “Fat Man on Batman” Podcast), so I’ve been wondering myself “Why IS Batman so appealing?” I think I have the answer: he’s easy to play.  

In short, I’ve never seen the Batman character to have a death wish. When he does dangerous things, it’s not to take unnecessary risks. It’s heroism. That’s essentially it. Goodnight, if you like. Or if you want more, here’s more. 

This week, Sight & Sound magazine released their latest “Best Films Eva’” list (actual title may vary). They’ve released an updated list every ten years since 1952.  And since 1962 (that would be S&S V.2), the top film has been “Citizen Kane.” But no longer. “Vertigo” has ousted the perennial favorite to be named the […]

Film Trilogies


In my continued obsessing with “The Dark Knight Rises,” and what it means to the world, I’ve been thinking about film trilogies. It’s not hard, since “Star Wars” remains perpetually on my mind. I’ve been considering what constitutes an actual TRILOGY, what works and what doesn’t. Then I started writing down those thoughts, and here […]