Morning Person


July 30, 2012, 6:22 AM.

I’m trying something different today. I’m trying to become a morning person.

So far, it’s working and not working. I hit my snooze alarm three times and I’ve tried to convince myself that this isn’t necessary. 

I’m trying to find times in the day to work on my stuff, write, get focused, and generally improve myself. They’re difficult to find. My day is normally consumed by Henry stuff.

I had a dream last night that I signed up for a late night staged reading series. It was hosted by a version of iO West (the kind of place that has a theater like iO Chicago’s cabaret theater, but the room is enormous), and it’s swarming with people running in and out of dressing rooms, making props, etc. You know: the usual big time Hollywood studio stuff.

My show was an 11 minute pilot. Set in 1963-ish, it’s basically “The Monkees” but with the actual Beatles. They would get into strange adventures, and deal with matters in cheeky, referential ways (I’m sure there would be lots of puns on the song titles). Come to think of it, this wouldn’t be a bad idea. You couldn’t do it, because you’d never secure the rights to the music, but the idea of doing “The Monkees” with the actual Beatle guys is pretty good.

I say this as I recall the other elements of the dream which qualified it as a DREAM.

1.) I hadn’t written it out, and I was going to cast it and stage it on the spot. I remember the moment in the dream when I realized I had no script. In the dream, I started jotting down notes, and one of them was something like “Act One – learn about problem. Act Two – deal with it. Act Three – solve problem.” Poetry.

2.) It was a very rowdy crowd in my dream, and people were talking through my introduction. Then my actors started jumping on stage, and the first one there was Robin Williams. Even in my dream, I shuddered. But I also thought I had to cast him as one of the big roles (probably McCartney) because Williams was a star and I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

3.) In the dream pitch, I stumbled upon the notion that the Emperor from “Star Wars” should play the manager. That is to say, we would cast the character as “The Emperor” just like how we were casting the other characters as “John Lennon” and “Ringo Starr.” For some reason, using the Emperor made COMPLETE sense to me. Partially because it was a dream, and partially because I may have been mixing up “The Monkees” with “The Partridge Family,” which had an active manager character.

So far, this “morning person” thing is paying off.


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