“Moonrise Kingdom” Loved, Anderson Films Ranked


Recently I saw and enjoyed the crap out of “Moonrise Kingdom,” which means I get to rank it against all other Wes Anderson movies. Here now is said list, gentle reader:

1.) Fantastic Mr. Fox

2.) The Royal Tenenbaums

3.) Rushmore

4.) Moonrise Kingdom

5.) The Darjeeling Limited

6.) Bottle Rocket

7.) A Life Aquatic with Steve Zizou

Now some explaining:

Firstly, “Fox” is at the top for many reasons, but it might be there primarily (personally) because it’s animated. My inherent love of animation gives it a boost already. But on top of THAT, Anderson’s precise style lends it self so marvelously to animation that this seems like an easy homerun. Unless, of course, the heart isn’t there. Which it is, in spades. A marvelous film.

Secondly, until my recent love of “Fox” (along with my pushing it on Henry), “Tenenbaums” had always been my #1. And it may be sentimental, but I can’t think of a way to separate “Tenenbaums” from “Rushmore.” It was the question everyone asked: “‘Rushmore’ or ‘Tenenbaums?'” So that might be why “Rushmore” claims the #3 spot instead of “Moonrise,” because that’s the only one that makes sense. “Moonrise” is a wonderful film, and a wonderful Anderson film. It’s all mixed up.

Thirdly ,”Darjeeling” at #5 marks the lowest level of “I really like this” in these movies (it’s one of the few Anderson films where moments feel more caught than orchestrated). I enjoy much of “Bottle Rocket,” but I could never say I liked it, or that it should be at the level of the other 5. The only Anderson film I didn’t enjoy — the one that felt the most like a miss, and the only one I don’t own — is “A Life Aquatic.” It’s the most disjointed and stilted, I feel. It probably works only if you like the Steve Zizou character, but I can’t think of a reason within the film alone to like him, other than he’s played by Bill Murray. “Aquatic” is also the only film to include Bill Murray in a leading role. That’s not a slam on Murray’s ability. He can certainly carry a movie, but maybe it doesn’t work so well in Anderson’s movies. Or maybe Murray is a good actor as the lead in Anderson’s movies, but he’s a phenomenal actor in the supporting roles.


2 Responses to ““Moonrise Kingdom” Loved, Anderson Films Ranked”

  1. saw it. loved it. i’d put rushmore and fox in the top 3.

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