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WARNING: This has not been written with any one person in mind. I’m not trying to be judgmental, and I certainly don’t want to make anyone feel bad.  My son is very particular. Like any toddler, I suppose. I don’t want to use the word “shy,” but he isn’t very outgoing, at least not upon […]

Morning Person


July 30, 2012, 6:22 AM. I’m trying something different today. I’m trying to become a morning person. So far, it’s working and not working. I hit my snooze alarm three times and I’ve tried to convince myself that this isn’t necessary. 

What is a blog if not a typed therapy session? I’m still processing my thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises,” and as part of my process, I’ve been reading reviews (both professional and semi-pro) and listening to podcasts dealing with any manner of the film. I’ve been in touch with friends, sending emails and Facebook […]

Recently I saw and enjoyed the crap out of “Moonrise Kingdom,” which means I get to rank it against all other Wes Anderson movies. Here now is said list, gentle reader: 1.) Fantastic Mr. Fox 2.) The Royal Tenenbaums 3.) Rushmore 4.) Moonrise Kingdom 5.) The Darjeeling Limited 6.) Bottle Rocket 7.) A Life Aquatic […]

Continuing my digestion of “The Dark Knight Rises,” I’ve come to a conclusion: Alfred is the worse character in “Rises,” and maybe in “The Dark Knight,” and possibly the entire series if you don’t count Rachel Dawes as a character at all (which I kind of don’t). He is, at the very least, the worst […]

It came, I saw, I thought about it for a long time. Here now are a collection of thoughts that make it seem like I hated this movie. Which I didn’t. Mild spoilers ahead. 1.) This is not my Batman. We own a couple titles in the “That’s Not My ____” line of baby books. […]

We visited family back in Illinois, and with two weeks to fill, naturally our attention drifted to the TV and the movies thereon. We watched a few, and here’s what I learned. Or what I noticed, anyway: