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Since seeing “Prometheus” and taking in a weekend of snark and disappointment from the fandom, I’ve realized two things: 1.) I had no idea “Alien” had such a devoted following that would cause such a backlash; And 2.) backlash with sequels, prequels and anything with a preconceived notion is inevitable. Advertisements

I just realized that the two lost scientists are the Nikki and Paulo of “Prometheus.” Having said that, here’s some stupid thing I made:

In response to my recent writing of the specific time periods in movies, I’m going to put it to the test against the greatest, most scientifically tested “Best Of” list there is, the AFI Top 100. Yes, a list so great it doesn’t include any non-American movies and they saw fit to excise “Fargo” from […]

One word: streamlining.

As I’ve written before, I just re-watched “Fargo,” and on top of the many things occurring to me while watching such an expertly-crafted movie unfold, one that snuck up on me was the setting of the movie. It’s set in 1987. The movie was released in 1996. I got to thinking that many of the […]

More in the world of “show, don’t tell,” I just re-watched “Fargo” for the first time in years. Maybe it’s where I am right now, but the thing I noticed it does expertly well — maybe better than any other movie I can think of — is show the characters being themselves, and allowing their […]

Career Thinking


I routinely listen to podcasts as part of my commute to and from anywhere, and lately two have made me think a lot about my career. The first is from my friends, the 25th Century Heroes, and it was an off-hand comment by Bryan during the “What We Learned” segment of a recent episode. Apparently […]