Me Dream


I watched clips of Mick Jagger hosting SNL last night, and had the following incredible dream as a result:

I was at the taping of the show, so naturally I was given full back stage access and the ability to hang around the right places at the right times. I kept bumping into Jagger and offering my very well thought-out opinion (“I thought one bit didn’t go over well, but the time travel scene was great” and “If the meeting scene had referenced the time travel scene, it would have been better”). He nodded and gave me the kind of look that says, “This guy knows what he’s talking about” and “I never thought of it that way.”

This dream apparently took place simultaneously in 2005, because I didn’t have kids and I was still working with Mike Betette in Superpunk, as he, his wife and mine were all in attendance. The SNL cast and staff had been completely overturned and this was their last performance ever. Mike was upset that we didn’t get the head-writer jobs (“Locke and Key got the gold ring,” he groaned, even though I didn’t know we’d submitted and “Locke and Key” are a comedy writing team instead of a popular graphic novel).

The after-party consisted of a few people milling around the studio when Jagger himself re-emerged to put on an impromptu concert. He started with “Honky Tonk Women,” and much to my delight he brought his “Ya-Ya’s”-era stars-and-stripe top hat. He started on a side stage, then went into the crowd. As he got closer, Rachel backed away, but I stayed right in the aisle, since we were such good friends now.

As Mick made his way back to the main stage, I noticed a weird hole in the flooring. Before I could say anything, it was too late: Mick Jagger tripped and fell flat on his face, right in the middle of the chorus. But he got up without missing a beat. So professional.

Mike looked like he wanted to go, and I felt a little upset. I know he’s not a Stones fan in the slightest. It was obviously very late, and Rachel was giving me the “time to go?” eyes just as the opening of “Midnight Rambler” cut through the night. I was a good husband and we left. And then I woke up.

That’s the truth.


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