Batman Translations


Henry has had a couple days of Batman-fueled energy. He can’t stop talking about it, or like it, or quoting it. It’s like he’s reading my mind.

It’s never easy understanding a toddler. Here now are his translations for Batman-related phrases.

“Bat-nand” = Batman.

“Wah-din” = Robin.

“Bat Cabe” = Batmobile. It sounds like “Bat Cave,” but I think he’s associating the words “Bat Cave” (as in “To the Bat Cave!”) with the car. Because most times, Batman and Robin are talking about where they’re going, and they’re often racing to the Bat Cave VIA the Batmobile. He also sometimes calls it “Batnand and Wahdin’s car.” Both are acceptable.

“Bat Boad” = Bat Boat.

“Hey-copper” = Helicopter, which is the Bat-copter. Sometimes referred to as the “Bat hey-copter.”

“Pen-gen” = Penguin.

“Redder” = Riddler.

 “Joker” = Joker. He nails this one.

“Cak-wodden” = This is Catwoman, not a comment on Meriwether’s performance (thank you).

He can also quote the Admiral Fangschliester scene with his reading of “Hawo, Bat-nand. Ahoy. What I do for you?”


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