10 Superhero Movies Better Than “The Avengers” (as of 5/29/2012)


First, some qualifiers.

For comparison purposes, I only included “proper” superhero movies. ones that felt like they were playing the same sport as The Avengers. This disqualified the artfully deconstructionist Unbreakable as well as Indiana Jones, James Bond and the Bride from Kill Bill. Even though they filled most of the superhero qualifications, they’re not the same.

This is also not a list of best COMIC BOOK movies, because that would eliminate any and all original-for-the-screen stories all for the sake of getting Sin City in there.

And, note the date. It’s entirely possible that this list may grow by one or even two by July.

Anyway, here’s the list with a few explanations:

The Incredibles — I’m not ranking these, but if I were, this would be #1 for every reason imaginable. The look, the characters, the relationships, the humor, the action, the excitement, the music, the style, the villain, the robots, the history, the story, the subtext, the relationships (did I say that already? Well, it’s important). And the re-watchability. It is — ahem — incredible.

Spider-man 2

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins

Iron Man

The first 2/3’s of Captain America — a bit of a cheat, I suppose, but I’ll still put it in there. The characters are good and the story is very engaging. I just wish they didn’t sell out the finale for the sake of setting up The Avengers.

The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s FinestOK, this is cheating. Sort of. It’s a three-part episode from the animated “Superman” series. Don’t let the horrible cover art fool you, because it’s as great as anything on this list.

X-Men 2 — I’m not an X-Men guy, nor am I of the mind that X-Men 3 “ruined” the series, because I don’t think it was at a Godfather level… but this one is pretty good.

X-Men: First Class I swear, I’m not an X-Men guy! I just like when characters have relationships and their actions are affected by their points of view.

And that three-parter Justice League where the Hawks take over Earth. I thought of it a lot during The Avengers for obvious reasons. And maybe it’s just the DC-genes I poses, but there are moments in this story that still rock me, particularly Batman’s method of defeating the Hawks (message: don’t mess with Batman. Ever.).

Bonus movie that I’ve seen once, really liked, but would feel weird including without a second viewing to verify quality: Sky High. Seriously, have you seen Sky High? It should be the rule rather than the exception.


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